Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boooooook! Build from Hocus Pocus

My first build blog! Hope you guys enjoy it!

The prop I'm making here is the "Book" from Hocus Pocus. I made it for my friend's wedding guest book and tried to keep it to scale with the movie book minus a few tweaks (the eye is different). Also, the book was hand-bound with my friend Hilary, who taught me how to do book binding!

The first thing we had to do was make "folios" which are more or less large paper folded in half using a bone tool to flatten the edges. An Awl is then used to punch holes in the crease of the folio using a created template, and those are then sewn together. This one had (if I remember right) 300 folios, which is a lot of pages all done by hand! My friend Hilary Grimes (@hilary_grimes on twitter!) taught me how to do this, she's amazing at book arts! 

After it was bound, then it needed the heavy card stock cover, which was attached with PVA. Inside, Hilary put some fancy hand colored paper that you see on old books. 

Now comes the sculpting part! I sculpted all the outer hardware of the book using monster clay, and molded them in box molds using Mold Star 16 Fast from Smooth-On. 

After that they were cast with Smooth Cast 300! 

I then sculpted the cover on top of some cardboard pieces the same size as the cover. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of them because i'm a dummy. But I molded those in plaster, and then cast them with slip-cast latex. Next time I'll remember to keep better track of these things (doh!). 

After I cast the cover in latex, I hand sewed the indentations I had added in the sculpt to make the skin look like it was stitched together. I then attached it to the cardboard using rubber cement, and then air brushed the details using a lot of Antelope Brown FW ink and some pale reds to make it look like skin. I added some splattering effects with different ink colors using a cut-off chip brush to age it. 

Finally, I attached the cast pieces using super glue, and added the eye from underneath using a bit of hot glue to hold it, and then 5 minute epoxy to set it and give it that gross watery look. I also chose a different eye, just to make it a bit more animal-like, which I thought was cool. This makes this not an exact replica, but hey! I wanted to change it up.

And there it is! All done! Thanks for reading everyone, and if you like this please share, comments, etc, and I'll try to do more build posts like this in the future!

Binx, no! 

*Binx, as played by Orph, who was not happy.