Cosplay Class: Clay

Sculpting and casting are a vital part to cosplay. But what kind of clays are there out there? What clay do you use for specific projects? In this episode of Cosplay Class I talk about what kinds of clay I use and for what different purposes! 

Here's the video here:

And here's where you find the supplies! 

Magic Sculpt: For sculpting onto hard surfaces, hardens with time and can be used to add details to props! 

Epoxy Resin: Same as magic sculpt but can get less detail! 

Sculpey: Great for sculpting pieces for molding later

Translucent Sculpey: Great for monster teeth! 

Friendly Plastic: Used for creating details on Worbla and Wonder Flex

Monster Clay: Use for sculpting onto rigid foam or by itself 

WED Clay: Water-based clay for large sculpting! 

So there you go! You can also apparently buy ALL of this on Amazon...THE FUTURE!! Next episode....sculpting tools and armatures! <3