Cosplay Class: Making Fake Tattoos

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first accompanied blog post about how to make stuff on Cosplay Class! here you'll find all the extra goodies you want/need if you want to make this project!

Watch the video here! 

First off, what you'll need: 

1. Computer with Photoshop

2. Tattoo transfer paper (either from HERE which will work with ink jet AND laser jet but will be more shiny, or order it from FRENDS but you'll have to call them and ask them if they ship it because theirs works with only laser jet but is way less shiny and works better.) 

3. Laser Jet Printer (they will print on your own paper at Staples copy and print center and Kinkos!) 

4. Prosaide, which you can buy HERE 

5. Prosaide remover (I recommend THIS one

6. Extra brushes

7. A Rag  


And you're ready to go! 

Print out your tattoos IN REVERSE, then cut them as close to the edge as you can. Paint Prosaide on the shiny side of the paper (the one with printing on it) and onto the area you plan to apply it to your arm. Paint it thin and don't leave any gloopy parts, as thin as you can with full coverage is best. DO NOT paint your whole area that you're applying, less is more and if you can get close to the area of the actual tattoo the better because the Prosaide will get dirty over time even with powdering. Match up your design with the Prosaide on your arm and press it on! BE CAREFUL this is very delicate and you pretty much only have once chance at this. 

Use a warm, super wet wash cloth to evenly soak the back of the paper on your body from one side to the other, being careful not to rub but dab instead (as Hank says on the Venture Brothers, Just Dab It!). Slowly and carefully peel off the paper, and revel at your craftyness.

After the paper is off, POWDER with your translucent powder and continue to powder throughout the day to make sure the Prosaide won't get dirty.  

When you're done, use a rag and the Telesis remover to take off the tattoos!